A Ubiquity of Wireless Connections and Options
MP4 9 Min
In addition to the technical considerations and price, compare the development...
Finally, IPv6’s Killer App: The Internet of Things
URL 5 Min
Standardization in the IoT market needs to start at the bottom — the bottom...
Bluetooth Gets Enhanced IoT Features for 2016
PPT 1 Min
Bluetooth Smart, the low-power version of the Bluetooth specification, has...
How is the Federal Governement Using the Internet of Things?
PDF 60 Min
There are many opportunities for federal agencies to use the Internet of Things...
Security for the Internet of Everything: Turning the Network Into a Giant Sensor
URL 4 Min
The ultimate goal of IoE is to increase operational efficiency, power new...
Satellites are Critical for IoT Sector to Reach its Full Potential
URL 5 Min
According to research firm Gartner, more than 20 billion connected things will...
Infographic: Dawn of the DDoS of Things
The ‘DDoS of Things’ is powering bigger, smarter and more devastating multi-...
Rogue drones prompt police to push tracking that hobbyists hate
URL 4 Min
Drone intrusions – along with fears of drones being used by terrorists – have...
NB-IoT is Dead. Long Live NB-IoT.
URL 10 Min
As the old adage goes, “while the cat’s away, the mice will play”. In the case...
We’re experiencing the Harry Potterification of technology
URL 10 Min
Everyday objects are becoming enchanted as if they’ve been torn from the pages...
Non-Cellular LPWA Network Connections Will Lead Market by More Than 12% in 2021
URL 2 Min
ABI Research forecasts non-cellular LPWA technologies from INGENU, LoRa...
A Cybersecurity Researcher Forecasts the State of IoT in 2018
URL 5 Min
Deral Heiland is not the biggest fan of the term “Internet of Things.” He may...
IoT Standards/Orgnaizations
URL 1 Min
One category of organizations that is super important for the wide-spread...
IoT App Status: Insecure
URL 5 Min
In my last post about IoT security, we discussed how lax consumer attitudes...
10 IoT security concerns to keep in mind
URL 7 Min
It wasn't long ago that the Internet of Things seemed to be a fad and...
Stories From Two Years in an IoT Honeypot
URL 5 Min
Curious just how susceptible some of the more vulnerable IoT devices are, a...
New European Survey: 65% of Enterprises Lack Visibility and Control of IoT Devices on Their Network
URL 4 Min
ForeScout Technologies, Inc., a pioneer in agentless cybersecurity, today...
An Ethical Hacker’s Top 5 Security Issues in IoT
URL 18 Min
Basic IT security principles may be old school but they are still relevant in...
Commercial Application of Predictive Analytics for IoT
URL 2 Min
In this IoT era, we are provided the opportunity to collect accurate, detailed...
5 Ways The Internet Of Things Will Influence Commerce
URL 7 Min
The “internet of things” (IoT) concept is in its nascent stage of development,...
Aquanta Uses Ayla Networks’ IoT Technology to Turn Nearly Any Water Heater Into an Intelligent Appliance
URL 2 Min
Homeowners save energy and money with Aquanta’s water heater controller, which...
5G Subscriptions to Reach Half a Billion in 2022
URL 6 Min
Released today, the latest edition of the Ericsson Mobility Report forecasts...
The Fight to Defend the Internet of Things
URL 5 Min
A primer on the Internet of Things security and how to protect it. The...
Digital service providers: 4 key IoT-related areas to focus on
URL 5 Min
Today, with the availability of ultra-high-speed broadband technologies, most...
Preparing for the future by securing the Internet of Things
URL 6 Min
The Black Hat USA 2017 cybersecurity conference took place in Las Vegas this...
Bell targets smart energy management with GridPoint partnership
URL 2 Min
GridPoint’s cloud-based smart energy management tech aims to provide insight...
IoT in Retail: Engaging the  Connected Customer
PDF 10 Min
How do you make your brick-and-mortar stores as smart as your website - so when...
Packaging Deals Bring Internet of Things to Crackers, Hairspray and Tomato Paste
URL 7 Min
Headlines about connected products often hype the latest consumer electronics,...
The Internet of the Seas Sets Sail
URL 5 Min
The University of St Andrews Sea Mammal Research Unit (SMRU) is developing...
11 IoT Protocols You Need to Know About
URL 3 Min
There exists an almost bewildering choice of connectivity options for...
A WebRTC-like Standard for the Internet of Things? It's Complicated
URL 2 Min
Building the connections for the Internet of Things (IoT) is challenging, since...
How to Wake the Enterprise from IoT Security Nightmares
7 Min
The IoT security market will reach a valuation of $36.95 billion by 2021, says...
Locating IoT Devices: Focus on LPWAN
PDF 30 Min
The Internet of Things is revolutionizing the way we think about devices and...
Juniper IoT security chief: Device threats could be devastating
URL 3 Min
The world’s cybersecurity issues aren’t new to us, but the consequences of tens...
White House cyber chief says federal, private roles need clarification on IoT security
URL 2 Min
White House cybersecurity coordinator Rob Joyce says there is a “responsibility...
New Cyber Standards for IoT Ease – But Won’t Solve – Security Challenge
URL 5 Min
The Internet of Things promises unparalleled opportunities to track, control...
How Smart, Connected Products Are Transforming Companies
URL 45 Min
The evolution of products into intelligent, connected devices—which are...
IoT Security in 2017
URL 3 Min
Predictions1. Enterprise operations teams, who have been hesitant about...
When a car wash gets hacked, it’s time to start securing IoT
URL 5 Min
Two security researchers at Black Hat recently showed how easy it is to hack a...
IoT Myth Busting
URL 10 Min
How cost-sensitive are IoT edge devices, what are the real drivers for this...
IoT communication: Four ways your products talk to you
URL 7 Min
Product companies and OEMs have been working on re-configuring and re-imagining...
Why is it So Hard to Monetize the Internet of Things?
URL 7 Min
From wind turbines to your washing machine, the IoT is all the rage, and...
The SXSW Robot Petting Zoo Displays Robots That Help Humans Survive Natural Disasters
MP4 4 Min
SXSW is a zoo in and of itself, but the Interactive portion of the festival...
Best Practices for Implementing Global IoT Initiatives
PDF 25 Min
Connecting your products to a wireless network enables you to deliver a host of...
Got Skills? Volunteer Your IoT Expertise to Make a Difference
URL 7 Min
Sometimes a little help is all it takes, especially when you have technical...
IoT Enabled Predictive Maintenance
MP4 60 Min
Watch the joint Cloudera and TCS demo on using data streaming from connected...
Fraud and the Internet of Things
URL 2 Min
We must stay vigilant about security. During the past few years, the...
Where is all of the IoT malware hiding?
URL 7 Min
Many of the most prominent IoT exploits are from security researchers. But that...
The Internet of Evil Things
URL 7 Min
You may have heard me at a conference or read my response to questions...
US Congress’ proposed IoT security requirements: A balancing act
URL 5 Min
IoT security requirements proposed in the US Senate aim to minimize the risk...
IoT Standards – What do you Mean?
URL 20 Min
In this podcast, Bruce Sinclair analyses the latest IoT news, practices, and...
If the Reaper IoT botnet is a time bomb, what’s the target?
URL 3 Min
IoT fueled-botnets are a bit like the hacking equivalent of a homemade bomb....
How the IoT is Reshaping Building Automation
PDF 30 Min
The following white paper defines the Internet of Things (IoT) for our building...
Hutchison Bids for Global IoT Role With Cisco Deal
URL 2 Min
Hong Kong's Hutchison has announced a multinational deal with Cisco to support...
Security Experts Warn Congress That the Internet of Things Could Kill People
URL 5 Min
A growing mass of poorly secured devices on the Internet of things represents a...
Born From Chaos, The Internet Of Things Is Finally Getting Organized
URL 7 Min
Until this point in its technology and cultural maturity, the Internet of...
Real IoT: Success Factors and Best Practices
PDF 10 Min
As it happens with any wave of new, potentially disruptive technology, hype can...
Will the Internet of Things Ever be Safe?
URL 5 Min
The Internet of Things (IoT) has undergone an amazing transformation, from a...
7 Tips for Protecting Your Connected Devices with IoT Security
URL 5 Min
The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming a part of our daily lives right before...
Cyber Security Predictions for 2017: An Asia-Pacific Perspective
URL 5 Min
Cyber security received heightened interest in 2016 due to a spate of cyber...
GAO report identifies US DoD IoT security gaps
URL 3 Min
A new report issued by the GAO assessing IoT device security policies and...
Highlights From CES 2017: Driverless Cars, ESports, and IoT Connectivity
URL 5 Min
David Kretzmann, lead for The Motley Fool'sOdyssey 2 Supernova Mission Opens a...
Even Apple Can't Make the Internet of Things Tolerable
URL 5 Min
If you want to start an absolutely thrilling dinner table conversation with...
Machine Learning And Intelligent Assistants Personalize The Internet Of Things
URL 5 Min
Millions of people own smart devices that do simple things like adjust...
Besides Blockchain, What’s Missing from IoT?
URL 7 Min
Brand-new global information infrastructure design doesn’t come along every day...
8 IoT Security Trends to Look Out For in 2018
URL 10 Min
Are you ready for a surge in hybridized malware? What about IoT botnets mining...
Tiny Modules Target IoT Applications
URL 2 Min
The Internet of Things often means tiny and mobile, and that makes designs...
Ovum: Virtual digital assistants approaching ‘exponential uptake’
URL 2 Min
The use of AI in conjunction with wearables, smart home and TV devices is...
Killer Thermostats: Countering the Internet of Terrorism (IoT)
URL 2 Min
Should you be scared of your new thermostat? Maybe, if it is WIFI enabled and...
The eUICC Opportunity: How to Harness the Power of eSIMs in the IoT
PDF 30 Min
The SIM card has, traditionally, been owned by the MNO/MVNO. If you want to...
IoT in energy challenges: Connectivity, integration, complexity
URL 3 Min
Energy companies are eager to leverage IoT data, but ensuring reliable...
IoT Challenges Organization and Technological Readiness
URL 3 Min
The Internet of Things (IoT) is a technology that extends digital connectivity...
IoT in 2017: Why Usage is Going to Grow, Despite the Security Risks
URL 3 Min
Organisations are set to push ahead with increased adoption of Internet of...
Feds Are Using IoT, But Deeply Concerned About Its Security
URL 5 Min
Federal officials know the benefits and dangers that Internet of Things devices...
New 5G Survey: 82% See IoT as Major Driver of 5G
URL 3 Min
86% of respondents predict 2020 or earlier 5G rollout; IoT seen as top use case...
Understanding The Protocols Behind The Internet Of Things
URL 7 Min
The Internet revolutionized how people communicate and work together. It...
The Internet of Things for banks: it’s here, it’s real, and it’s set to grow exponentially
URL 3 Min
Until recently, only devices such as computers, tablets and phones were able to...
Connecting Networked Devices: Prototyping and Scaling IoT in the Enterprise
Connected devices are the heart of the Internet of Things (IoT). Without those...
Bosch, Cisco, Gemalto and More: Tech Giants Team Up For Blockchain-IoT
URL 3 Min
The Internet of Things (IoT) – the vast web of connected devices which is...
Overcoming the Massive Friction Slowing the Internet of Things
URL 5 Min
Just stating that the Internet of Things needs to be standardized is too...
The Rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) in Local Government
MP4 5 Min
Mixed Results with Steve and Joe is a recurring series where Steve Towns and...
Moving Beyond Consumer SIMS for IoT
PDF 15 Min
In the Internet of Things (IoT), cellular-based deployments typically connect...
IoT network architecture requirements: Speed, agility, standardization
URL 7 Min
The Internet of Things (IoT) is gaining incredible momentum. A system of...
The Top 7 Linux IoT Projects
URL 10 Min
It’s a Linux world, and the rest of computing is just living in it – often...
Drones and the Internet of Things
URL 3 Min
Imagine a world in which drones zip by overhead carrying packages, data and...
Regulating the Internet of Things
MP4 47 Min
Last week I attended the RSA Security conference in San Francisco. It's the...
5G use cases: Tapping IoT for monetization
URL 7 Min
Mobile operators across the globe surveyed by Ericsson are well underway with...
IoT Teddy Bears Lead More than 2 Million Recordings Between Parents and Kids
URL 3 Min
The leak, which was exposed in a blog post by Troy Hunt, manager of breach...
How to Launch IoT Products Successfully
PDF 7 Min
The advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) has fueled innovation on a massive...
Balancing the Risks of the Internet of Things
URL 3 Min
The connected world is here, and the Internet of Things (IoT) promises a...
IoT Security: Unlock the Full Potential of IoT
PDF 25 Min
Trillions of connected devices are poised to become a fresh challenge to...
Botnet attacks and data breaches among top IoT hacking risks
URL 5 Min
By now you have heard that IoT security is a problem. But what are the most-...
There’s Never Been a Better Time for IoT
URL 3 Min
I began this series on building the Internet of Things (IoT) about four months...
A Primer on IoT and RFID
URL 3 Min
Companies and organizations explain the Internet of Things in various ways, but...
Google Debuts New IoT Platform: Android Things
URL 3 Min
With a better connected future in its sights, Google announced a Developers...
The IoT Communication Protocols
URL 10 Min
A fascinating article from Philip N. Howard at George Washington University...
Which is the Best Internet of Things Platform?
URL 6 Min
Are the IoT and the smart home set for a decade-long format war? Rapidly being...
Microsoft Opens its First European Lab for Internet of Things
URL 2 Min
The U.S. software giant is launching a new lab in Munich — following openings...
The Internet of Things: Marketing’s Opportunities and Challenges
PDF 10 Min
IoT brings significant opportunities for marketers by providing more data about...
Do Not Stop Asking for Security in IoT
URL 10 Min
Almost three years ago, I wrote in my IoT blog the posts “Are you prepared to...
Moving Forward With Bluetooth Low Energy
PDF 10 Min
Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) may not be part of your electronic designs just yet...
Discover the Secrets of Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) Networks
MP3 63 Min
I’ve been sold since early 2014 when I first started digging into the emerging...
Preventing IoT Hacking – Takeaways from 3 IoT Security White Papers
URL 7 Min
IoT security is often perceived as a hotbed of failures. However, extensive...
Interview: 3M's Road to IoT
URL 3 Min
When you think of 3M you immediately think of Post-It Notes or Scotch tape. If...
Embracing the Internet of Things Doesn't Necessarily Mean Forfeiting Privacy
URL 3 Min
The merging of blockchain technologies with the long-foretold Internet of...
The Installed Base of Connected Vending Machines Worldwide Will Reach 3.6 million by 2020
URL 2 Min
Berg Insight, the world’s leading M2M/IoT market research provider, today...
Battle Scenes from the IoT Standards War
2 Min
The Internet of Things is exploding. A consumer products CEO recently told his...
Amazon Launches AWS IoT
URL 1 Min
Make way for another big player entering the Internet of Things space. Amazon...