Can We Expect the Internet of Things in Healthcare?
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The Internet of Things is not new, but has been gaining more attention and...
Preparing Healthcare Data Security for the IoT Revolution
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We oftentimes start these security articles with trends, an overview of what...
No Appointment Necessary: How the IoT and Patient-Generated Data can Unlock Health Care Value
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Doctors have gathered data on patients’ ailments and histories since...
Behold the Great Possibilities of the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)
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Unlike other industries, healthcare has been relatively conservative and slow...
The Looming Threat of Health Care IoT Devices
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A computer generation or two ago, IT managers fought a futile uphill battle to...
My Connected Body: The Future of IoT in Healthcare
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This year we will see more and more experiments where internet of things...
Network Connectivity, Storage Challenge Healthcare IoT Push
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The growth in value of healthcare Internet of Things (IoT) analytics pressures...
In 2017, IoT Is Still the Next Big Thing in Healthcare
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Which major industry will be next in line for disruption? The taxi and...
GE Healthcare executive sees data-driven medicine in the present tense
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Picture the hospital of the future replete with a NASA-like command center...
Key Trends, Opportunities, and Challenges in Healthcare IoT Adoption
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We are on the threshold of massive explosion of connected things. 10 billion...
IoT for Healthcare: Making Data Meaningful and Actionable
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Did this Spotify billboard catch your eye in 2016: “Dear person who played ‘...
Vodacom- Tackling Nigeria’s Healthcare Problems With IoT
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Lanre Kolade, Managing Director of Vodacom Business Nigeria, during a keynote...
Internet of Things healthcare applications, benefits and challenges
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IoT in healthcare use cases continue to grow, with remote monitoring of patient...
Predictive Clinical Analytics Improve Healthcare Resource Allocation and Care Delivery Models
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As healthcare systems around the world transition from paper-based to digital...
Potential of Internet of Things (IoT) in Healthcare
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IOT enables physical world objects like appliances, smartphones, cars and...
Aging in Place
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The population of people over 65 is growing at a faster rate than the rest of...
Telehealth Technology: Potentials, Challenges and Research Directions for Developing Countries
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Telehealth has been developed and successfully applied in clinical practices,...
Accelerating Precision Medicine through Investments in Genomics
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Genomics is moving out of the lab and into the operating models of leading...
New Healthcare IoT Ideas on the Rise
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An Internet of Things expert from MIT said healthcare IoT isn't fully here, but...
AI and IoT could make a big splash in healthcare … eventually
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Artificial intelligence offers healthcare the potential for reinvention, but...
Five Best Practices to Enable Population Health Management
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Amid an array of raw data from electronic health records, financial files, and...
e-Healthcare Using IoT Technology
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IoT technology for benefiting Healthcare industry in efficient management of...
Internet of Things (IoT) in Healthcare Market
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The proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT) in the healthcare market,...
“Scary” number of healthcare IT execs put faith in inadequate IoT security
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More than 70 percent of healthcare IT decision makers (ITDMs) believe that...
Internet of Things: Healthcare & Medical
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Health industry is one the largest in any country both in terms of the required...
IoT @ Healthcare
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IoT in Healthcare is a heterogenous computing, wirelessly communicating system...
The Rise and Risk of IoT in Healthcare
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Technology in the healthcare industry has evolved rapidly in recent decades,...
IOT and Assisted Living
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It is most likely the you have heard the term “internet of things” or IOT in...
Execs Agree: IoT Will Disrupt Healthcare in Next 3 Years
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The Internet of Things has the potential to provide significant financial value...
Medical-grade Wearable Takes on Chronic Disease Management
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Based in a converted garage in Palo Alto that was the original location of Nest...
How Stanford uses IoT beacons to improve patient satisfaction
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Stanford and HPE Aruba have teamed up to use IoT beacons to improve patient...
Transforming Healthcare with Telemedicine Solutions Based on the Internet of Things (IoT)
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The healthcare industry is searching for new ways to increase efficiency,...
Wisepill & Aeris collaborate to introduce IoT-enabled smart pillboxes
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Wisepill Technologies, a leading provider of medication adherence management...
Healthcare with The Internet of Things (IoT) – Telehealth
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Ask anyone on from the general public what telehealth is, you will probably get...
Building the Smart Hospital with IoT-Powered Visibility and Analytics
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In this paper, STANLEY Healthcare explores the transformational role of the IoT...
Inside Jawbone's high-risk plan to become a medical device maker
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Having presided over the demise of his consumer gadget startup Jawbone, Rahman...
Digital Transformation Helping to Reduce Patient's Readmission
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Digital Transformation is helping all the corners of life and healthcare is no...
Internet of Health: Is Medicine Ready to Big Data Analytics?
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What is Big Data: data, process of analysis or concept? There are many...
The Potential of IoT Technologies for People with Disabilities
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The proliferation of cloud-based technologies along with the fact that data-...
How IoT Can Significantly Improve Healthcare in the Context of Smart City
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In the current landscape, there are three major challenges in achieving Smart...
Building the Smart Hospital with IoT-Powered Visibility and Analytics
PDF 10 Min
Stanley Healthcare The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to transform...
Siren Care Makes a “Smart” Sock to Track Diabetic Health
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Diabetic health tracking startup Siren Care has created smart socks that use...
Medical startup offers app and analytics platform for IoT data
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Medable has recently hired a former IBM Watson Health director to help the...
Smart Medicine: Designing IoT Products in Healthcare
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In the United States alone, more than 15 million people abuse prescription...
Connected Healthcare is Becoming Vital
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There is one word that describes the direction that the health care industry is...
The Internet of Living Things
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Volunteers around the world and pocket-size genomic sequencers could play an...
How Hospitals Can Help Ensure the Security of IoT Devices
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As internet-connected medical devices become more pervasive, enabling...
How The Internet of Things Will Affect Health Care
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The Internet of Things will bring a stunning array of new capabilities to our...