Mining Big Data - Current Status and Future Forecast
PDF 5 Min
Big Data is a new term used to identify the datasets that due to their large...
Could We Finally Have a Secure IoT, Courtesy of the NSA?
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When it comes to security, the IoT doesn’t have the greatest track record....
The Internet of Things - Exploring the Possibilities
PDF 2 Min
The era of big data is demonstrating to information security that there is more...
Big Data 2017: The Future is Cloudy
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The old adage about two heads being better than one can well apply to this blog...
Data Science Case Study: Classification in IoT
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The Internet of Things ( IoT ) is a growing space in tech that seeks to attach...
Powering the Internet of Things with Apache Hadoop: Four Customer Use Cases
PDF 10 Min
With over 30 billion things connected by 2020,1 the Internet of Things (IoT)...
The Digital Twin: Key Component of IoT
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A Digital Twin uses data from sensors installed on physical systems to...
The Power of IoT and Big Data
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As sensors spread across almost every industry, the internet of things is going...
Survey: Soft skills and data analytics skills lacking in IoT workforce
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Soft skills like communication and collaboration may just be the key for...
IoT Analytics – Part 1
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This is the first article in a series focusing on a technology that is rising...
How IoT Analytics, Big Data & Artificial Intelligence Combine in 2017
PDF 10 Min
This insights report brings you a comprehensive analyst's view on the companies...
Study Reveals Security Gap in Big Data Projects
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Ideally, the ultimate output of big-data analysis can provide a company with a...
Why IoT Analytics Are a Manufacturer’s Most Important Tool
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The increasing adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) is presenting...
IoT platform market matures; consolidation, built-in AI ahead
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New report from Frost...
IoT Analytics from Cloud to the Edge with Azure IoT, AWS IoT, and Watson IoT
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In 2016 Microsoft, IBM, and AWS each made concerted efforts to extend their IoT...
This Sensor Will Help You Avoid Coffee Shop Seat-Hoggers
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Portland, Oregon-based startup Workfrom has a solution to this uniquely 21st-...
Location and Insight in the Age of the Internet of Things
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Gartner once again put the Internet of Things (IoT) at the top of its annual...
Why IoT chatbots could be on the horizon
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Chatbots, which are in the process of going mainstream, promise to help make...
Way Bigger Data Means Big Disruption -- Time To Plan For The Internet Of Things
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As a technological turning point, the Internet of Things ranks with the advent...
Achieving Continuous Intelligence
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The era of big data is demonstrating to information security that there is more...
The British Antarctic Survey Uses Rugged Data Transport
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Antarctica inhabits a unique place in the human exploration mythos. The vast...
How Can We Make the IoT Useful?
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Everyone keeps talking about the size of the Internet of Things (IoT), which...
In the energy sector, data is the new oil
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The oil and gas industry is leveraging data analytics to safeguard its future....
IoT privacy and the tricky question of data ownership
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IoT privacy advocates ask: If data is the new currency, why are so many people...
Collaborating Companies Kick off Sensor Network for Agricultural Communities
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The vision of having license-free community sensor networks for agricultural...
How to Differentiate Your IoT Product: Provide Insights Not Data
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IoT products are known for producing large amounts of data. Some people even...
The Full Array of Big Data Applied to IoT
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Big Data is big! It’s another entire industry that’s subsumed by the Internet...
51 Open Source Tools for the Internet of Things
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According to the market researchers at IDC, there were 9.1 billion Internet of...
Distributed analytics: Solid foundation for data-dependent world
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Ovum report suggests that the best data architecture to support IoT will...
How Big Data is Transforming the Legal Field
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Big data refers to the massive volumes of data collecting on everything from...
The U.S. government should be making better use of the internet of things
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The U.S. government acknowledges that the Internet of things (IoT) has advanced...
IoT Pushes Analytics Ever Closer to the Edge
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As the internet of things starts to generate data from far-flung sensors and...
5 Blockchain Technologies To Watch For In 2017
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For a couple of years, Blockchain which is the underlying technology of Bitcoin...
Internet of Things: Early Adopters Share 4 Key Takeaways
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ARI Fleet Management manages 1.2 million things with wheels across North...
IoT Data Services From the Weather Company
MP4 8 Min
Through its API, the Weather Company provides access to weather data from over...
IoT: Penetrating the Possibilities of a Data Driven Economy
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All of us are accustomed to the smart wearables, such as the ones we wear on a...
Financial Insecurity: 42 Percent of U.S. Financial Services Orgs Have Been Breached
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Fully 42 percent of U.S. financial services organizations have experienced a...
Who owns the Machine Generated Data in IoT – Men or Machine?
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The other day we were discussing and debating on a solution to be designed to...
IoT Data Science that Drives Operational Excellence
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If you’re implementing IoT within your organization it makes sense to target...
Data Manipulation: When IoT Analytics Can’t Be Trusted
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Statistics can be used to prove anything, and so can IoT analytics.Yet another...
How Machine Learning Analytics Can Accelerate IoT Results
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Too often, machine learning requires a massive investment of time and terabytes...
Is Blockchain the Silver Bullet Needed by the IoT Industry?
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It was a matter of time to end up writing an article to talk about the...
Predictive Analytics – Ramping Up IoT Value
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Whether it's deceasing machine downtime, increasing efficiency, or saving...
Simple, Secure Deployments
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Cisco IoT System helps industries and cities speed IoT adoption while...
IoT Analytics – Part 2
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The cloud is enabling innovation and driving the adoption of many new and...