Value Creation in the Digital Aerospace and Defense Network
PDF 60 Min
Five technology trends are shaping the digital economy – hyperconnectivity,...
10 Stellar Real-life Examples of IoT Taking Flight in Aviation
URL 10 Min
The Internet of Things (IoT) has really taken off in aviation. We look at which...
Fully Charged: Lyft’s Entry Into Autonomous Cars Brings Leverage
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Lyft Inc. is joining the self-driving car arms race in earnest. It’s all about...
Value Creation in the Digital Automotive Network
PDF 60 Min
The digital economy combines physically connected devices, more efficient...
Industrial IoT: Keeping Heavy Duty Vehicles Moving
PDF 30 Min
Heavy-duty vehicles are vital to business operations in many industries, from...
How the Internet of Things Is Improving Transportation and Logistics
URL 3 Min
Advances in mobile technology and the IoT are dramatically improving the way...
ELD, IoT and the Future of the Trucking Industry
URL 4 Min
The future of the trucking industry will be digital. That much is clear....
Smart Transportation: Maximize Mobile Network's Value Beyond Connectivity
PDF 30 Min
As a significant component of modern economy, transportation accounts for 6-12...
Survey: SMBs unprepared for IoT attacks
URL 3 Min
News briefs: One in eight SMBs has experienced an IoT-based attack, according...
Ethernet Standard Opens the Door to Advanced Connected-Car Design
URL 5 Min
The recent publication of a new IEEE standard could deliver on the promise of a...
The Public Transport ITS Market in Europe and North America to Reach € 2.8 Billion by 2020
URL 5 Min
Berg Insight, the world’s leading M2M/IoT market research provider, today...
The Future of Driverless Cars?
URL 10 Min
Ever wondered what it’s like to ride around in a driverless car?“Although...
GE Transportation and SAS team up on IoT edge computing for trains
URL 5 Min
Traditionally, analyzing data streaming from locomotives required considerable...
Exclusive Report: The State of the Auto Tech Industry
PDF 45 Min
The following report was produced during TU-Automotive Detroit 2016 conference...
The Internet of Aviation
PDF 30 Min
The airline industry is benefiting from advances in machine to machine (M2M)...
HERE Unveils Next Generation Real-time Data Services for Automotive Industry
URL 5 Min
HERE, the Open Location Platform company, today announced next generation...
IoT in Transportation 2.0 Maximizing Uptime
MP4 50 Min
This is the second installment in an ongoing series of webinars that provide a...
Making the future of mobility work: How the new transportation ecosystem could reshape jobs and employment
URL 20 Min
From truck drivers to eldercare professionals, occupations of all sorts are...
IoT in insurance industry: Disruption ahead
URL 4 Min
Ovum believes that the global insurance industry is entering a distinct phase...
Eliminating Blind Spots in Commercial Trucking with IoT
PDF 10 Min
Technology is becoming a critical business tool for truck manufacturers, fleet...
The Future of Autonomous Driving
MP4 50 Min
Micron’s panel discussion on the next generation of autonomous and connected...
Blockchain in Logistics and Transportation: Transformation Ahead
URL 7 Min
As blockchain and IoT converge, the push to commercialize applications...
IoT and Intelligent Transportation
URL 2 Min
Today space based GPS covers the globe providing navigation both in the air and...
Cars and Car Transportation in The Internet of Things Era
URL 3 Min
Whenever we read about, or hear about, people confidently presenting their...
Globalstar IoT Solution Protects Norway’s Reindeer from Train Collisions
URL 3 Min
Globalstar Europe Satellite Services Ltd, announced today that its technology...
Toyota Turns Entire City into Connected Vehicle Testing Ground
URL 3 Min
While technology companies are fielding small fleets of autonomous vehicles...
Social engineering threatens IoT security issues
URL 2 Min
While the threat of IoT security issues is apparent, people and the processes...
Positive Train Control (PTC) Overview
URL 1 Min
The Rail Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (RSIA) mandates that Positive Train...
Smart trucking: AI’s impact on fleet management
URL 10 Min
It will likely be years before convoys of self-driving trucks rule the highways...
Improving rail safety with the Internet of Things and remote monitoring
PDF 3 Min
Embedded sensors could decrease the likelihood of train derailment. The...
Trenitalia, Italian rail transport operator, reduces maintenace costs 8-10% with SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service
MP4 3 Min
Trenitalia has deeply transform their end-to-end maintenance operations with...
Here's What Tesla's Larger Automotive Market Play Means
URL 3 Min
Tesla CEO Elon Musk shed new light on the company’s future business plans via a...
Why The Cloud And Internet Of Things Don't Always Mix
URL 7 Min
Cloud makes possible the Internet of Things, that global assortment of...
Internet of Things (IoT) and Urban Transportation
URL 3 Min
Internet of Things (IoT) is poised to disrupt every sector in this world. The...
IoT Takes Mass Transit  to a New Level
PDF 10 Min
The dramatic growth of cities worldwide is fueling demand for safe, efficient...
Here’s What IoT Will Do for Transportation
URL 7 Min
The Internet of Things (IoT) is dramatically accelerating the pace of...
Hyundai Taking The IoT High Road With Alexa Riding Shotgun
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Earlier this month, the latest tech advancements — from phones to appliances to...
The Soft Banking of ARM
URL 7 Min
On July 18, SoftBank Group of Japan announced that it would buy ARM Holdings,...
How to Achieve Efficient IoT Transporation Operations
PDF 10 Min
Smart transportation is one of the areas in which Internet of Things (IoT)...
The Internet of Things Drives Smart Transportation Projects
URL 3 Min
From smart TVs and gaming consoles to connected appliances and environmental...
Blockchain in logistics and transportation: Transformation ahead
URL 5 Min
As blockchain and IoT converge, the push to commercialize applications...
Extending Life-Saving  Communications
PDF 10 Min
The intrepid Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities...
Self-driving buses and robot aides could double Singapore growth
URL 2 Min
The rise of the machines is coming. In technology-proficient Singapore,...
Big Data on The Move: IoT and Connected Vehicles
MP4 39 Min
Using big data to gain insights about your business and your customers is...
The Installed Base of Active Cargo Tracking Units Will Reach 8.1 Million by 2020
URL 2 Min
Berg Insight, the world’s leading M2M/IoT market research provider, today...