The Internet Turns 25—and Braces for the IoT Blitz
URL 5 Min
In 1989, Tim Berners-Lee, now Sir Tim Berners-Lee, put together the first web...
IoT Success - A Close Partnership
URL 2 Min
Survey data from Forrester Research indicates that Internet of Things (IoT)...
Ten Most In-Demand Internet of Things Skills
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The Internet of Things (IoT) is in the midst of an explosion, as more connected...
Two Hot Growth Areas for IoT
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If you want to capitalize on all the amazing advancements in data science take...
Data or Dollars? What’s going to Pay for Consumer IoT?
URL 25 Min
Smart products are roughly 10x the cost of dumb or regular products and that’s...
New Survey Suggests the IoT Boosts Revenue, Strengthens Customer Relationships for Connected Businesses
URL 3 Min
Xively by LogMeIn, Inc. has just released the findings of a new study “The...
WISE-PaaS: IoT Software Platform
PDF 160 Min
This white paper introduces Advantech WISE-PaaS architecture for the Internet...
IoT vertical markets: Trends in 4 key sectors
URL 5 Min
Analysis from Ovum maps out trends and recommendations around 4 key IoT...
Microsoft: Government Should Regulate IoT Security
URL 5 Min
As it wags its finger at the NSA for amassing a toolbox for breaking...
Homeland Security Has Become a Surprising IoT Success Story
URL 5 Min
“Securing the Internet of Things has become a matter of homeland security”,...
Why Culture Change is Essential for Digital Transformation
URL 2 Min
Gone are the days, when companies used to decide strategy and then execute it...
Clutch Identifies Top IoT Development Companies
URL 2 Min
Clutch released comprehensive research that identifies top Internet of Things (...
2017 Predictions for Big Data, IoT, and AI
URL 7 Min
There’s no doubt that there are currently three big trends in business models:...
Finding Solid Ground in the IoT Era
URL 4 Min
Ultimately the Internet of Things era is introducing new programmatic and...
How the IoT Industry Will Self-regulate its Security
URL 5 Min
Following last week’s DDoS attack against Dyn, which was carried out through a...
How IoT is Changing the World: Cases from Visa, Airbus, Bosch & SNCF
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The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing our world. This may seem like a bold...
How to Put the S (for Security) into Your IoT Development
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A joke about the Internet of Things has been shared around Twitter over the...
Internet Of Things Will Revolutionize Retail
URL 7 Min
Read many fascinating insights are from Zebra 2017 Retail Vision Study released...
Visual History of IoT — Far Beyond ‘Smart’ Things
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From early visionaries to futuristic applications, the Internet of Things was...
IoT Developer Trends 2017 Edition
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For the last 3 years we have been tracking the trends of the IoT developer...
20 Job Interview Questions for IoT Professionals
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Bill McCabe knows everyone. He has to. He’s a thought leader in IoT, with a...
Forecasting Profitable Models For The Internet Of Things
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There is movement afoot in the internet of things (IoT) space, and it’s going...
The IoT Series - Part 1: Introduction to IoT
PDF 5 Min
The concept of an Internet of Things was simple but powerful. If all objects in...
Top 10 IoT Technologies for 2017
URL 10 Min
If you’ve ever seen the UK television show Humans, you will no doubt remember...
IoT Tech and How to Buy It
PDF 7 Min
All incremental value of an IoT product/system/environment is created by...
Selecting IoT Solutions & Partners: The Top Assessment Criteria
Finding the right IoT solutions and partners is key to your IoT business...
Security in the Internet of Things - an Inconvenient Truth
URL 2 Min
The current political events in Barcelona provide us with a barely-needed...
Interview: Why is it so Hard to Monetize the Internet of Things?
URL 5 Min
From wind turbines to your washing machine, the IoT is all the rage, and...
The Internet of Things: Dr. John Barrett at TedxCIT
MP4 17 Min
Dr. John Barrett is Head of Academic Studies at the Nimbus Centre for Embedded...
Capitalizing on the Internet of Things
PDF 20 Min
The Internet of Things (IoT) – described aptly as the convergence of the...
Enterprises Expand Their Expectations of IoT Technology Adoption and Spending
URL 5 Min
As with many significant technology shifts, the growth of the Internet of...
Reaper IoT botnet threat: Why enterprises must guard against it
URL 3 Min
Last year, an IoT botnet called Mirai that enslaved roughly 100,000 devices...
Internet-of-Things Patents: Tough to Enforce?
URL 7 Min
You might be riding to work in a driverless car without ever having to look up...
SAP Announces €2 Billion Investment Plan to Boost IoT Adoption
URL 3 Min
SAP Announces €2 Billion Investment Plan, New Innovations, Acquisitions and...
If You're Not Planning for IoT, You're Already Behind
URL 2 Min
Roughly half of the audience informally polled at last month’s CIO 100 event...
US Congress’ proposed IoT security requirements: A balancing act
URL 5 Min
IoT security requirements proposed in the US Senate aim to minimize the risk...
Autodesk / Taxal study: IoT Trends Within the Manufacturing Industry
URL 2 Min
The IoT Trends and Situations study was conducted by Taxal over the course of...
Is it Possible to Democratize the Internet of Things?
URL 7 Min
Possibly be the US technology companies the most commonly use the word “...
12 Predictions for the IoT Market in 2018
URL 15 Min
The IoT market matured considerably in 2017. In this series of predictions, we...
​Jeff Kagan: IoT Analyst Sees Growth in Every Industry
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As an IoT Analyst, I see the Internet of Things as one of the most important,...
The State of Our New Industry, Which Will Vanish
URL 7 Min
For anyone who’s been living in the Internet of Things space for a while—let’s...
7 (More) Security TED Talks You Can’t Miss
URL 8 Min
The first list 10 security Ted Talks you can’t miss was so popular we decided...
Gartner Identifies the Top 10 Internet of Things Technologies for 2017 and 2018
URL 5 Min
Last week Gartner identified the Top 10 Internet of Things Technologies for...
Product Management for the Internet of Things
MP3 60 Min
An Internet, or Internet of Things product is complex. In fact, it’s not a...
Five IoT Trends To Consider In 2017
URL 7 Min
Many of the technology trends of 2016 are beginning to take greater shape in...
US agency takes steps toward IoT guidelines; more news
URL 3 Min
News briefs: The Department of Commerce’s NTIA is expected to speed up work on...
The 5 Point Plan for IOT Recruitment
URL 3 Min
In The Great IOT Recruiting Rush, I introduced the industries that are heating...
IoT Council Co-chair Provides 2018 IoT Predictions
URL 5 Min
Last year, Don DeLoach sat down to predict what trends would characterize the...
IoT Cybersecurity Improvement Act of 2017: The pros and cons from a hacker
URL 10 Min
Most of you have heard of the internet of things, the catchall phrase for...
URL 2 Min
Thingful® is a search engine for the Internet of Things, providing a unique...
Internet of Things (IoT) 2017-2027
URL 3 Min
Researched in late 2016 with ongoing updates, this unique report on the...
4 Ways IoT Is Changing the World: Case Studies from Visa, Airbus, Bosch, and SNCF
URL 7 Min
While the term Internet of Things has certainly been hyped, the technology is...
Top 5 Uses of Internet of Things!!
URL 3 Min
While many organizations are creating tremendous value from the IoT, some...
Five predictions for IoT in the next 12-18 months
URL 2 Min
The Internet of Things (IoT) market is poised for rapid growth with the...
The Internet of Things Needs a Code of Ethics
URL 10 Min
In October, when malware called Mirai took over poorly secured webcams and DVRs...
9 Facts You Didn't Know About the Internet of Things
URL 7 Min
The Internet of Things is officially a Big Deal. You know the story: Machine-to...
5 essentials for building the perfect Internet of Things beast
URL 3 Min
Identifying and building the best-suited Internet of Things (IoT) platform is...
Defining the Battlegrounds of the Internet of Things
PDF 10 Min
The Internet of Things—a huge network of sensors and smart devices, combined...
IOT Security Trends: Is the Online World More Dangerous?
URL 2 Min
Security threats are the biggest concern among the main concerns on the...
NIST issues updated IoT security guidelines; more
URL 3 Min
NIST issues revised IoT security guidelines that take ‘the guidance in new...
The Internet of Things: Where We’ll Be in 5/10/20 Years’ Time
URL 5 Min
According to the World Economic Forum, security will be key to IoT development...
7 Ways The Internet Of Things Will Change Businesses In 2017
URL 7 Min
Okay, marketers and technology enthusiasts have been talking about the coming...
These IoT Challenges Pose the Biggest Threat to Customer Satisfaction and Retention
URL 3 Min
The Internet of Things (IoT) has been hailed as one of the biggest disruptive...
The Rise of LoRa
URL 5 Min
Last week I had the pleasure of speaking with Vivek Mohan, director for Semtech...
IoT And Millennials
URL 3 Min
The much studied Millennial generation has some issues with Internet of Things...
The Internet of Things Is Far Bigger Than Anyone Realizes
URL 1 Min
When people talk about “the next big thing,” they’re never thinking big enough...
The IoT Series - Part 2: Building Smarter Manufacturing
PDF 6 Min
The development and adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) is a critical...
Rugged IIoT Saves Lives at “The Home of the World's Worst Weather”
URL 2 Min
Imagine your worst winter day. Bone-chilling cold, howling, bitter winds,...
What the IoT Means for the Public Sector
PDF 30 Min
Let’s get one thing right straight out of the gate — no matter that it sounds...
5 IoT trends that will define 2018
URL 4 Min
Consumers and corporations alike are embracing the world-changing impact of the...
How Leading Companies are Reinventing the Customer Experience with IoT
URL 7 Min
“I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up!” – Any late-night-TV-watching baby boomer...
IoT Security is Hard: Here’s What You Need to Know
URL 7 Min
Security for anything you connect to the internet is important. Think of these...
Why There’s No Killer App for IoT
URL 3 Min
Every new technology trend brings speculation and talk about a “killer app”...
SAP digital transformation framework: Four traits of leaders
URL 3 Min
SAP research study suggests that IoT is a key part of digital transformation...
Cloud and the IoT in Practice
URL 3 Min
Let's be honest: the IoT is still a new market involving new technologies, and...
Biggest High-Tech Story to Watch in 2017: How to Secure the Internet of Things
URL 3 Min
The most important high-tech story to watch in 2017 will be whether companies...
Legislation introduced in U.S. to create IoT cybersecurity benchmarks
URL 3 Min
Democrats introduced legislation in the U.S. on Friday that would create a...
Why What's Going On Inside IBM's Big, New IoT Center Could Deeply Change Our Lives
URL 10 Min
Most of the tech hype at the big SXSW conference this week is definitely...
What is the Difference Between Greenfield and Brownfield IoT Development?
URL 5 Min
The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most exciting phenomena of the tech...
IoT: Platform Transformation
While the full impact of the Internet of Things has yet to arrive, many...
The Internet of Things: 7 Challenges
URL 3 Min
Few doubt that smart devices are the next technological revolution. The next...
Internet of Things Infographic
PDF 10 Min
Over the last several years, stories of the technologies making up an Internet...
IoT Set to Disrupt These 5 Markets
URL 3 Min
The B2B consulting organization, Bain & Company, has been working to define...
Putting Business First in the Internet of Things
URL 5 Min
However amazing the bling of the tech or the perceived size of the opportunity...
Driving the IoT Journey: 10 Key Trends to Watch
PDF 25 Min
Many companies are in the early stages of their IoT enablement journey and are...
The Five Stages of IoT
PDF 12 Min
While awareness of IoT has recently become more prevalent, many of the...
Why is an IoT Security Standard needed
URL 2 Min
The recent wave of cyber attacks is a clear reminder of the importance of...
President-Elect Trump's Positions on Technology and Innovation Policy
PDF 30 Min
Technological innovation has long been and will continue to be critically...
How Insecurity is Damaging the IoT Industry
URL 5 Min
The Internet of Things (IoT) is often hyped as the next industrial revolution—...
Building An Organizational IoT Competency: What You Need To Know
URL 5 Min
Thomas Fuller, an English churchman and historian from the 17th century once...
3 Internet of Things Stocks to Buy in 2017
PPT 5 Min
The Internet of Things (IoT) is a technological shift that is opening...
The Internet of Things: Opportunities and Applications across Industries
PDF 20 Min
The Internet of Things is much talked about and fast becoming a fixture in some...
6 Tips For Anticipating The Impact Of The Internet Of Things
URL 5 Min
In a previous blog, we looked at the reasons businesses—especially those with...
New Reaper IoT Botnet Leaves 378 Million IoT Devices Potentially Vulnerable to Hacking
URL 2 Min
In the wake of Reaper, the latest IoT botnet, Paul Lipman, CEO of award winning...
Save IoT, Save The World
URL 7 Min
Is the Internet of Thing (IoT) in danger? In light of the latest events I have...
IoT is Overhyped
URL 6 Min
It’s a bewildering landscape for would-be Internet of Things implementers and...
IoT M2M Council preps IoT RFP template, vendor validation
URL 2 Min
Seeking to provide resources for IoT buyers who it says are increasingly coming...
Internet Of Things (IoT) Outlook For 2017
URL 7 Min
As we say goodbye to 2016, it’s almost required, as analysts, that we put...
What is the Internet of Things?
MP4 2 Min
With the Internet of Things, or IoT for short, objects and things are much more...
5 Tech Jobs that Will Boom (and 2 that Will Bust) in 2017
URL 7 Min
The technology market is regularly evolving and so are the jobs and skills...
Top 5 Internet of Things Trends of 2016
URL 8 Min
The burgeoning internet of things (IoT) stands poised to change our world in...
Nearly 3/4th of Internet of Things Projects are Failing: Cisco
URL 3 Min
While Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem is gaining momentum globally, a new...
Five Avoidable Complications Of Corporate IoT Innovation Programs
URL 5 Min
As the Internet of Things (IoT) moves from early hype to production deployments...
IoTShow: IoT Accelerators and Microsoft Ventures
MP4 9 Min
Gavin Gear interviews Microsoft Ventures for some insight into how Microsoft is...
On Developing Wearables and Corporate Core Competencies
MP4 12 Min
There’s a lot to developing wearables that doesn’t meet the eye. To build a...
3 Things You Should Really Know About the Internet of Things
URL 5 Min
It's easy to be skeptical about new tech trends. Every emerging technology is...
How Inventors and Ad Agencies Are Starting to Shape the Internet of Things' Next Phase
URL 7 Min
What can a hot tub that makes its own shopping list tell us about the future of...
Is it the time for Internet of Things in a Box (IoT in a Box)?
URL 7 Min
A few years ago, the idea of a “Telco in a Box” was very usual among the...